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LXH254 is a type II ATP-competitive inhibitor that inhibits both B- and CRAF kinase activities at picomolar concentrations with a high degree of selectivity against a panel of 456 human kinases and in cell-based assays. S6538: B-Raf IN 1. B-Raf IN 1 is an inhibitor of Raf wih IC50 values of 24 nM and 25 nM for B-Raf and C-Raf respectively. It ...
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Presentation at 2 nd Annual RAS-Targeted Drug Development Conference Highlights First Publicly Reported Data for Inhibitors of Notorious Cancer Protein KRAS G12D (ON). REDWOOD CITY, CA, USA I September 16, 2020 I Revolution Medicines, Inc. (Nasdaq: RVMD), a clinical-stage precision oncology company focused on developing targeted therapies to inhibit frontier targets in RAS-addicted cancers ...
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Oct 15, 2019 · ARS-1620, a KRAS-G12C inhibitor, was used alone to make tumor cells become drug resistant and re-grow in a few weeks. The combined therapy composed of KRAS-G12C inhibitor ARS-1620, IGF1R inhibitor linsitinib, and mTOR inhibitors can markedly reduce the size of mouse and human tumors, and the effect is significantly longer.
Oncology KRAS inhibitors. Mirati has yet to provide any clinical trial data for MRTX849 and so any comparison is premature. While AMG510 may have a shorter half-life than MRTX849, this may not be relevant because both small molecules are irreversible inhibitors, where half-life may matter for efficacy more if the therapy/target bond were temporary. Nov 20, 2013 · "The Shokat team’s success, achieved by focusing on a single K-Ras mutant, could catalyze a new drug discovery strategy for the entire Ras inhibitor field. Their results suggest that Ras is not a single target but multiple targets. KRAS is the most frequently mutated oncogene in human cancer. In addition to holding this distinction, unsuccessful attempts to target this protein have led to the characterization of RAS as 'undruggable'.
However, Ras surfaces lack any evident suitable pockets where a molecule might bind tightly, rendering Ras proteins still ‘undruggable’ for over 30 years. Among the alternative approaches is the design of inhibitors that target the Ras–SOS PPI interface, a strategy that is gaining increasing recognition for treating Ras mutant cancers.
Oct 12, 2017 · While the rest of the industry pipeline looks to hit other targets upstream of KRAS, including RET and C-Raf kinase, two other assets stand out: Karyopharm’s XPO1 inhibitor selinexor, and anthroquinolol, being taken forward by Golden Biotechnology. Olive, as far as I know the Pimasertib+Pl3k inhibitor trial has been discontinued. If you're interested in trying a MeK inhibitor this Trametinib trial might be the one you're wanting. I don't know what phase trial it is. The Pimasertib trial is a Phase II trial.
Mirati has announced initial data for its first-in-class KRAS G12D inhibitor, known as MRTX1133. The experimental drug appears to have a long half-life and little potential for drug interactions or off-target activity. It was found to shrink tumors, including pancreatic and colorectal cancer, in preclinical studies.
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